• Global Fellowship
    To empower future potential young professionals!
    Moulding University Undergraduates into resilient
    leaders through an experiential learning environment
  • Opportunity
    to do something Exceptional!
    Promoting Responsible, Resilient and Transformational Leadership among
    undergraduates through a unique experiential learning!
  • Promoting Responsible, Resilient and Transformational
    Connecting SDG movers and shakers across the world
    creating universities that are responsible and globally aware.

We are University Ambassadors in Action!

G17 University Ambassadors Consortium is a Global Fellowship;

which aims at moulding University undergraduates into resilient leaders through an experiential learning environment to make our communities and earth a better place through Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Vision

Establish a global platform to empower university students via our four pillars; capacity building, leadership, policy-advocacy, and action in order to prepare them to be the next generation of young professionals who will lead their professions and industries to achieve the SDGs.

Our Mission

Initiate the G17 UAC in the universities and higher education institutions throughout the world by appointing 17 student ambassadors annually for SDGs to help them develop their skills as future young professionals in order to achieve the Agenda 2030.


    Join us and transform yourself to lead a sustainable Future!

  • Promoting Responsible, Resilient and Transformational Leadership among undergraduates through unique experiential learning!
  • Enhancing the SDG Literacy and Strategic Leadership Skills of young people to translate the 2030 Agenda into local, national and regional policy.
  • Striving for the UN 2030 Agenda for SDGs by Capacity Building, Leadership, Policy-advocacy, and Action
  • A global platform for future prospective young professionals to network, learn, exchange experiences, and best practices in order to address the world's most pressing issues.


The SDGs, widely known as ‘Global Goals’ , are an initiative to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The SDGs are aimed to address the global challenges the world faces, including those related to; poverty, inequality, climate change, environmental degradation, peace and justice

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WHY G17?

G17 offers leadership opportunities, knowledge and skills required for sustainable development, space to expand the network, and global exposure. It is designed to build undergraduates as future potential young professionals through its unique and exclusive approaches.

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By becoming a G17 University Ambassador, you will be able to enhance your understanding on SDGs, developing your competencies as a future young professional through an experiential learning environment.

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G17 provides exceptional Ambassadorship opportunity where strategic leadership skills and profound understanding on sustainability are developed within the Ambassadors


G17 focuses on enhancing professional, organizational and leadership skills through constant guidance and mentorship to its Ambassadors.

Free Access to Digital University

G17 offers a unique experience of learning and a combination of prompt topics by delivering free access to the digital university program.

Knowledge on SDGs

G17 develops and creates spaces to widen the knowledge on SDGs and their related concepts.

Boot Camp

G17 provides a platform where all the fellow ambassadors can engage with each other to build inter university relationships, expand the network and uplift interpersonal skills.

Rewards and Recognition

G17 rewards and recognizes skillful, talented and outstanding performers on a monthly as well as annual basis.

Global Mentors

Global Presence

G17 University Ambassadors Consortium has reached universities across the globe in connecting minds of young people to achieve SDGs by 2030

We empower undergraduates globally as future potential young professionals to transform industries to achieve the SDGs which covers a wide range of complex social, economic, and environmental challenges.



What we can do?

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Youth actions can build a better world by eradicating poverty, building social cohesion, developing the economy and political stability….

We all talk of a better world, but getting to that better world is a very different story. It requires a lot of work from our end; the kind of work that involves re-evaluating basically everything we do and finding sustainable ways...

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Sri Lanka, as a developing country in South Asia, is currently demonstrating a great deal of interest in gender equality matters and paying serious attention to achieving the targeted goals. However, even though women are...

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